dir. Wim Vink, 1994.
Netherlands, 86 min.
7:30 PM

There is no Heaven. There is Hell. Therefore, Heaven is only in Hell.

Wim Vink’s first and only feature length film, Heaven is Only in Hell is a no budget murderdrone masterpiece. It loosely follows Michael and Sharon (played by Angelique Vink, who also composes the incredible title theme) as their lives are slowly enveloped by a cursed well containing a demonic portal in Michael’s basement. The score is uniformly awesome, and the gore is homemade and sporadic, all tied together by nearly dialogue-free bizarre and hilarious performances. You won’t regret seeing this with a crowd!

WE ARE THE FLESH (Tenemos la Carne)
dir. Emiliano Rocha Minter, 2016.
Mexico. 76 minutes.
In Spanish with English Subtitles.
10 PM

With special thanks given to Georges Bataille and Antoin Artaud, Emiliano Rocha Mintner’s We Are the Flesh is a hypnotic piece of transgressive cinema whose shocks ring deep. Set in a sort of post-apocalypse of the mind, the film brings three characters together into a horny cycle of violence and Sadean sexual depravity. Stumbling upon middle-aged pervert Mariano (Noe Hernandez) busy cooking up odd gasoline-based narcotics in the dilapidated building where he lives, brother and sister duo Fauna (María Evoli) and Lucio (Diego Gamaliel) quickly become playthings in dangerous games of desire. Incest, murder, patriotic sing-alongs, and abject orgies – the film concocts a potent mixture of taboo subject matter and visual splendor into a primal fever-dream.

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